curious box #3

I was commissioned by a friend to make one of my boxes. Another creation from team Kleinot!…My brother makes the boxes, all are approx. 3″ x 3″ x 6″, and I carve and paint them (Check out my site for boxes 1 and 2). The friend is an orthopedic surgeon, so the design is tailored for him. Here are pics from earlier in the process:

The final:


When nature calls…

…it has to be answered. I recently took a time out from the concrete jungle where I live and dropped my anchor in rural NJ/PA. It was a journey, not nearly long enough, that lead me to a lot more than what I thought it would. Here’s a piece:



hunt and gather





for bryan, on his birthday

San Francisco, get your electronic on

Flyer I did for a show presented by Gray Area Foundation for the Arts and XLR8R Magazine. Now get outta the house and go dance!

Read more about it here:       

Birds of a feather…

A print I made for Torrain recycled bags. Check them out…created by Nyla Jano, they’re recycled rice bags and wallets. cut. dyed. printed. sewn.

Chopstick-al Illusions

One of the many projects that’s kept me busy in the past few months…chopsticks! I collaborated with my very talented brother in making these. He’s the wood-guy, I’m the paint-gal. Being part-Japanese, we both wanted to reference the traditional art that’s influenced us our whole lives but thought it would be fun to add a little twist. I won’t say what the illusion is but it has to do with sleep. and the world’s largest carnivore.  (p.s. These started out as Christmas gifts, but will be available soon on our Etsy site for all. Please check back for updates.)

Merry cookie christmas

From all of us:  The situation, snookie, crankyanker conan o’brien, ginger booty, embryonic phase 1 cookie, tree-head + cane-face, and ninja-cane.