Goodbye Kitty

I received a Hello Kitty coloring book along with a 24-pack of Crayola crayons in my stocking this year. Santa and my mother may disapprove, but here is what came of it….


26 responses to “Goodbye Kitty

  1. These are awesome! I espically enjoyed your use of stumps in “It’s time to enjoy a day at the park!”. Simply captivating!

  2. GAH THAT’S CREEPY! I mean, I love it, it’s very well done (nice use of blood) but… CREEPY!

  3. wow…hilarious and disturbing…love it!

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  5. That is sick and twisted and disturbingly wonderful.

  6. wow. you have made my day.

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  10. You are simply my coloring hero.

  11. Oh, you are just sick! This is terrible!

    And I’m so thankful to see it. My day is brighter now and my opinion on Hello Kitty is definitely better!

  12. Pretty awesome.

  13. Don’t know what to say. Maybe they should send you back to Russia like they did the kid in The Times.

  14. And to think I used to get sent to the principle’s office when I drew pictures of families having a picnic while a flying saucer hovered overhead preparing to fire a death ray at them.

  15. I LOVE this! Creepy, gorgeous, Kitty! 😀

  16. if i had children, i’d want them to have coloring time with you. there’s nothing worse than coloring outside of the lines. this could make for a nice teaching tool for the kids who DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO THE RULES!! hahaha. just kidding. i love your sense of humor in these. twisted.

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  22. Educate children and granulation colors to them is the responsibility of all of us.
    Thanks for this post useful

  23. Holy shit!

    Those kitty looks creepy *_*

  24. Creepy!! Hahaha But great!!!

  25. i look at this every so often for some creepy reason – youz funnyz

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