Poster Park

SCHUNCK*, a multidisciplinary cultural institute in the south of the Netherlands, invited me to submit to their gigposter exhibition called “Poster Park”. They selected about 40 poster designs from, among other websites, to include in the exhibition…designs that were visually attractive and that represented a wide variety of poster art styles, from hand-drawn to more geometric and graphic designs. Participating artists were: Zeloot, Emek, Marc Bijl, Rik Meijers, Mara Piccione, Dennis Tyfus, Arrache-toi un oeil, Jamie Reid, Andrew Vastagh, Anita Renee Langemach, Billy Mavreas, Diana Sudyka, DWITT,  Jochen “Fritte” Mönig, John Vogl, K JUDGE, Justin Fuller, Justin Santora, Ken Taylor, Kraken, La Compagnie Crayonne, Mike DeKay, Rhys Cooper, Scarlett Rickard, Sonnenzimmer, Table2Press, Tricia Kleinot, Willem Kolvoort, Rob Warnick, Stefan Fähler, Travis Bone / Furturtle Show Prints, Ryan Duggan, Daniel Munzing, Matthew Douglas, Miguel Chordá, Strawdogs, Brett Andrew Miotti, Todd Slater.

The exhibition took place May 8 – June 27 2010 at SCHUNCK* in Heerlen, Netherlands. (I only wish the invitation came with a plane ticket.)

Here are 2 of my posters they chose for the show:


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