Clearly Canadian

This summer I visited my boo-companion, Holly, who lives in the lush Grassland region of Calgary, Canada. Holly is editor-in-chief for The Calgary Journal and I had the pleasure of accompanying her on assignment- day trips to places passed by en route to somewhere else. To sum up our journey: local cowboys (drank with a few in the bar from Brokeback Mountain), cougars (the human-kind), Duck-billed Platypus bones, beers, burgers, gopher villages, 100% Alberta beef jerky, ceiling tile artists, hippies with beer and backyard mazes, the insides of grain mills, Vulcan Trekkies, drive-ins, homemade wine, jalapeno chips, and alas, more beers.

When I got back home, The Calgary Journal, my new friend, asked me to illustrate the cover of the August edition titled, “The Slow Movement”. Here is the illustration along with pictures from our journey:

Notice the “NO MINORS” sign at the Cougar’s Bar? What gives.


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