Chopstick-al Illusions

One of the many projects that’s kept me busy in the past few months…chopsticks! I collaborated with my very talented brother in making these. He’s the wood-guy, I’m the paint-gal. Being part-Japanese, we both wanted to reference the traditional art that’s influenced us our whole lives but thought it would be fun to add a little twist. I won’t say what the illusion is but it has to do with sleep. and the world’s largest carnivore.  (p.s. These started out as Christmas gifts, but will be available soon on our Etsy site for all. Please check back for updates.)


4 responses to “Chopstick-al Illusions

  1. sneepy poley bears?

  2. Your Favorite!

    Tricia, your work is amazing…but I already knew that-just needed to verbalize to you one-more-time. And yes, the chopstick project was one of the best Christmas gifts I received in a while. In general, you are amazing!! : }

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