BETA Spaces

(Bushwick Exhibition Triangle of Alternative Spaces). (duh). An annual one-day free art festival of conceptualized and thematic group exhibitions . Our theme was television and personal identity. The participating artists were Fiamma Piacentini, TJ Huff, Groana Melendez, David Keefe, Tracy Motz, and Stephanie Dinkel. Here is mine…



‘Rise’ prints available

Vices limited edition art prints are now for sale! You can purchase mine from the Colorhalo store. Or any of them directly from the Adam’s Castle store.

The man in the cast iron suit

Making characters out of objects lying around my place..

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

I’m pretty sure he crawled off the newspaper cover in my studio, ditched his shell somewhere in the hallway, and took a spin around my kitchen sink. So busted.

Vices and other worldly beings

Vices is the title of the new Adam’s Castle record. This is my submission to week 3 of their release. Every week they will release 2 songs accompanied by custom art from a different artist; each is an interpretation of the original album cover by Ben Canales, as seen below.